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Commercial Drip Media Pro


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Commercial Drip Media Pro

This grow media is great for drip systems where precision is crucial.



Coconut Coir, Alaskan Humus, Perlite, Pumice, Biochar, CalPhos, Glacial Rock Dust, Gypsum, Soybean Meal, Endo-mycorrhize, Yucca Extract



Commercial Drip Media Pro is ideal for those who prefer soil-less grow media but with a little life in their soil, but also want the precision control of nutrients feeding the soil and plants. We start with coco that is processed with fresh water and triple washed, low sodium, stable Ph 5.7- 6.2, EC:> Coco added with biochar and the other ingredients. We have also added the right amount of perlite and pumice for excellent drainage and aeration.



Control a must. This is one of the best soil-less grow media for the commercial cannabis industry. With OMRI listed in puts and consistency you can count on! It works well for all sizes of plants from starting seeds, seedlings and cuttings up to large flowering plants. For best shelf life, store between 40-85 degrees. Avoid excessive temperatures.

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